Real Power

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team leadership

3 Steps Good Leaders Take to Answer Questions

It can be lonely at the top. Leadership comes with a lot of responsibilities and pressures.  So when people question your vision, direction, implementation or especially your competence it can be tempting to head that off at the pass.  Questions can seem like a lack of loyalty, a distraction, or a rebellion.  It is a…


An Angry Boss is a Bad Boss; 5 Major Ways Anger Management Coaching Can Help

When strong emotions get out of control it can negatively impact personal, relational, and professional success.  For leaders, this is especially true.  Unchecked emotions, especially anger and frustration contribute to poor leadership behaviors.  When bosses lash out, react instead of respond, or turn to controlling and/or manipulative patterns to deal with employees, morale, productivity and…


6 Signs of Servant Leadership

Many of the leaders I work with, especially those in churches and other faith-oriented organizations, consider themselves to be Servant Leaders.  They use the term for several reasons, but the main ones I encounter are because it is compatible with Christian lexicon (it sounds good) and/or because they believe they are serving God and/or people…

danger sign

3 Major Reasons You May Not Want to Fire an Angry Employee

“Anger is one letter short of danger.” Eleanor Roosevelt Anger left unchecked in the workplace can be dangerous on many levels.  An angry employee may cause conflict among co-workers, offend clients, undermine organizational goals, taint organization culture, or become a physical danger.  Anger in the workplace should not be ignored; it needs to be taken…

power poisoning

3 Signs You Have Power Poisoning

People, regardless of their personality, can let power go to their head.  They can let it affect how they view situations; how they act, react, and how they treat others.  Sometimes, not for the better.  Often, in ways that surprise them. “The measure of a man is what he does with power.”       Plato Most people, when…