Anger Management Coaching

Emotional awareness and management are critical elements of emotional intelligence.  The skills involved in identifying the role that emotions are playing in decisions and behaviors and appropriately managing those emotions can be learned, developed, and improved.  Emotional Intelligence is a key to effective communication and has a strong correlation to leadership success.

Anger is a powerful emotion that can be challenging to manage.  Using a skills based approached, our anger management coaching offers valuable resources for managing anger in appropriate ways.  Our individual anger management coaching sessions are offered as one hour private appointments.  We also offer small group sessions.

We provide Anger Management sessions designed to meet the requirements for Court and Probation orders, as well as for Human Resources and Union referrals.  Our skills based approach is focused on helping manage their emotions in a manner that empowers them personally, relationaly, and professionally.  Sessions cover topics including; Quick Practical Anger Management Strategies, Stress Management, Conflict Resolution, Boundaries, Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Communication, and Argument De-Escalation.

Anger Management sessions, both individual and small group, are held in our offices in Oceanside. Arrangements can also be made for workshops and classes on Anger and Emotional Management to be held in alternate locations.

Small Group Anger Management Coaching Sessions:

  • All new members must complete a registration session prior to enrolling
  • Groups are limited to 8 participants

Is the anger level in your family high?

Family Relationship Skills classes are designed to help families navigate high levels of anger, or other strong emotions, to build and/or repair strong relationships.  Various seasons and changes in family life can bring challenges that can negatively impact the atmosphere in the home or family relationships.  Your family will attend private, customized classes. All family members (over aged 7) attend the classes together, learning communication, emotional management, boundary,  stress management, and conflict resolution skills together.

Great for: Families with Adolescents, Blended Families, Multi-Generational Families, Families with Adult Children Returning from College, Families with Custodial Changes

Anger Management Sessions are facilitated by Esther DeWitt, M.S. CAMS-I.