An Angry Boss is a Bad Boss; 5 Major Ways Anger Management Coaching Can Help

When strong emotions get out of control it can negatively impact personal, relational, and professional success.  For leaders, this is especially true.  Unchecked emotions, especially anger and frustration contribute to poor leadership behaviors.  When bosses lash out, react instead of respond, or turn to controlling and/or manipulative patterns to deal with employees, morale, productivity and job satisfaction go down, while turnover, illness and complaints go up.  In short, an angry boss is a bad boss.

In a 2015 report, Barna Research Group published concerning results for their research on how American workers view their bosses.  Only 19% reported that they work for “good” bosses.  31% of those surveyed say they work for someone who is controlling, manipulating, or defensive.  This not only translates into a lack of respect for the leaders, it equates to high employee turnover.  These frustrated employees, a third of the workers surveyed, attribute their workplace directly to poor leadership skills.

Anger is a natural and normal emotion, and understandable in times of pressure and stress.  Bosses are often working under stressful circumstances, with tight deadlines, difficult people and situations to navigate, and lots of pressure coming from multiple directions.  So for leaders, being intentional about learning good anger management skills can make all the difference in leading effectively and successfully, even in challenging time.

Great anger management skills can make all the difference between a bad boss and a great leader, especially in times of crisis or demand.  Executive Anger Management Coaching is a customized, private, one-on-one, program designed to help bosses and managers improve in these five critical leadership areas:

  1. Conflict Resolution Skills
  2. Effective Communication and Listening Skills
  3. Stress Management Techniques
  4. Increased Empathy and Emotional Intelligence
  5. Learning, Setting, & Keeping Appropriate Boundaries


Esther DeWitt, M.S., CAMS, is an organizational psychology practitioner specializing in conflict, emotional management and leadership issues.  She is a Credentialed Mediator and Certified Anger Management Specialist.  As president of Conflict Navigation, her services include mediation, leadership and organizational consulting and training, anger management coaching, and curriculum and material development.

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